Turkish News

Turkey called back its ambassador in Israel as well as called off 3 joint armed forces practice sessions on Monday after Israeli soldiers killed approximately twenty people and wounded dozens onboard a Palestinian Gaza bound aid group of six ships on the side patronized by Republic of Turkey.

The Turkish reaction as per the Turkish news after this against the humanity act of Israel is that the furious Turkish protesters attempted to rage Israeli Consulate situated in Istanbul. Afterwards they marched towards the main square within the city stigmatizing Israel and their aggressiveness over the deaths of the innocent people who were on Flotilla of aid for Palestinians, which took in condemnation as well as curse from all over the world. Arabian countries showed outrage and European countries having passengers onboard the boats cited the Israeli ambassadors to their country and asked an investigation on this whole event and the motive and cause for such an aggression against the Muslims.

It can be seen on Turkish news running on the different TV news channels of World that the Turkish civilian people are in great anger and there are thousands and thousands of protesters coming out of their homes on roads to protest against the Israeli cruelty as well as in-justice and aggression against the Muslims.

Turkey is one of the countries which presently carries a rotating seat with the United Nations SC is one of the biggest ally of Israel among the Muslim countries from all over the world. Recent Turkish news on this matter are that Turkish government denied Israeli statements that a few people on the group of six aid ships, Flotilla, directed towards Gaza had actually been armed and had aggressed the Israeli commandos who were boarding on the Ships from the helicopters.