The Haaretz news from Israel reported that the freedom flotilla fought back and was loaded with arms when they tried to seize the ship. The Haaretz even said that the humanitarian was also loaded with ammunition along with medical supplies and construction material. The Vessel was attacked on Sunday night and was a result of objection made by the vessel crew to stop when it was asked by the Israeli naval forces. The issue became worse and the Israeli attacked the ship first and as a result killed around nineteen people on board. The attack even injured around thirty people and ten are also missing among them. The freedom flotilla was sent by the Turkish government for the people of Gaza and the Israeli intercepted the vessels on their way to Palestine.

The Israeli Haaretz reported that they have blocked the territory due to smuggling of weapons into Hamas. The Israeli asked them to let them inspect the material and will issue a permit to take away the goods after they have inspected but the vessel didn’t agree and they attacked on them. The Israeli said them to turn back and unload the material which was around ten thousand tons. The Turkish government said that the Israeli shouldn’t have intercepted their ships and this incident isn’t acceptable. The Israeli have violated the international transportation law and they didn’t have the right to inspect their vessel on Sunday night. According to Haaretz the Israeli have started to transport the ship to Ashdod port.