Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the special days celebrated all over United States of America on the last Monday of the month of May every year. This year it is being celebrated today. The day is a tribute to all the military soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. The day is of critical importance in the American history and is being celebrated since the First World War.

On the Memorial Day, the families of soldiers as well as common people visit their graves and decorate their graves with flowers or fix a small flag of United States of America right by the side of the graves to honor their bravery and sincerity towards the country.

It is a tradition which has been followed since the time the Memorial Day was declared as a patriotic holiday, that the president of the state visits the cemetery at Chicago and deliver a tributary speech at the ceremony

which is attended by thousands of people. This year, some people held the criticism against President Barack Obama, that he will not be showing up in the ceremony and the vice president will be sent over to address the people at the patriotic occasion. To their surprise, President Barack Obama has announced that he will appear at the ceremony and address the families and relatives of the people who fought for America in the wars and also encourage the military troops. The event is free and any one can attend it. President will personally meet with the families of the brave men and express his kind feelings towards them.