Stay Alive

The horror film titled Stay Alive is of year 2006. The director of the movie is William Brent Bell and writer is Matthew Peterman as well as Mr. Bell. The movie had been rated PG-13 owing to its explicit graphical content such as disturbing scenes and ferocity, drugs as well as sex.

In spite of the fact that the film Stay Alive is taken from the video game but the picture still has an unoriginal as well as unneeded horror within it according to critics. The film didn’t exhibit the unoriginal horror a la mode way to let the viewing audience have a fresh breathing.

The plot of ground of the film centers on a novel, fresh as well as attention-getting concept which is about a video game which actually kills all those who actually play it.

A Teenaged boy Hutch in this movie Stay Alive actually is obsessed with the games comes to cognize a friend of him died as he was testing the video game titled Stay Alive. When the video game freak, Hutch, comes to know that on playing that game his friend died he and his group made up their minds to play the game as well to check what actually would have happened. When they all played at the same time, some of the group members also died and then Hutch realizes that the video game, Stay Alive, is actually the killer and it has the power to kill the persons even outside the Television screen.