Turkish News: Turkey calls emergency U.N. security meeting over killings

Turkish news have just been spread over the Internet following the deadly attacks by the Israeli commandos on the Palestinian aid convoy killing more than 10 people and wounding dozens aboard.

According to the latest development on this serious issue, which shook the Muslim and the whole world respectively, Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel and canceled three joint military drills after the incident that led the Israeli commandos to kill more than 10 and wound several on board a Palestinian aid convoy unofficially sponsored by Turkey.

The angry Turkish protestors went to storm Israeli Consulate in Istanbul then they moved to the city’s main square condemning Israel over the deaths of the innocents killed by the Israeli military men. The whole world condemned the incident. The Arab world simply expressed their anger over Israel and the European nations summoned the Israeli ambassadors to their countries to make the quick investigation on the killings.

Turkey has called the emergency meeting of the U.N Security Council on this issue. The deputy prime minister Bulent Arinc denied Israeli statements which say some on the ships headed for Gaza Strip were armed and had attacked on the Israeli commandos.
The Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is on Latin America’s tour, is now cutting his tour and expected to return home on Tuesday.

Arinc further told that almost 400 out of 581 passengers on the main ship, the Mavi Marmara – the Turkish cruise vessel where the firing broke out, were Turks.

The deputy prime minster also said that we were calling back their under 18 soccer team from Israel.

Turkey did the following measures instantly after the killings:

* Turkey calls for meeting of U.N. Security Council
* Turkey cancels joint military exercises with Israel
* Thousands protest and pray in Istanbul square

Turkish news agencies, newspapers and websites are projecting this issue thoroughly.