May 31

Today, the May 31 is our Memorial Day, the day when all the veterans of the World war 2 or the families of them and all us mere mortals gather near to the monument in the Emerson Park within the Argentine, to lionize the efforts put in by our then soldiers or army men’s in saving the lives of others and making the freedom of this country possible.

Within the day of May 31, which is the Memorial day, we come together to realize what our veteran army personnel have actually done for us, how they have given sacrifices of their lives, how they have left their families how they have suffered the onslaught of war and of massacres just to make us live through it all. The freedom that we currently possess at this Memorial Day is by all means the efforts of those brave men of war for whom we currently on the May 31 are commemorating the Memorial Day.

There will be prayers and then the history of this day will be repeated up through various of the speeches by the army personnel as well as by the administration, apart from that there will be festivities and then our anthem on the May 31 Memorial day.

It is our duty to take our children as well as our entire families on this day to the Emerson Park and let them know what our brave soldiers have done for us and why we actually are commemorating the Memorial Day on the May 31.