The freedom flotilla was travelling to Palestine was attacked by the Israeli naval forces on Sunday night. The vessels were attacked after a demand to dock at the Israeli harbor was refused. The ship was carrying humanitarian aid along with some activists. The ship was attacked by the naval force when they tried to force them to dock the flotilla and denied to do so. The attacked killed around nineteen people on board the ship leaving around thirty people injured. The official death toll and the number of injured people is still not confirmed due to the investigation going on and will be revealed soon. The activists were carrying medical supplies and construction material with them when they got attacked by the Israeli army.

The Hamas government said this mass massacre will increase their disputes and will end up in more diplomatic issues. The government has appealed the United Nations to look into the matter. The ship was

passing through the Gaza strip which was around two hundred kilometers away and the Israeli naval patrol wanted to seize the ship which was denied and resulted in the attack. The Israeli news said that the freedom flotilla counter attacked them when they tried to seize them. The Israeli have taken over the control of the territory since three years and have the right for inspection. The humanitarian flotilla was carrying the supplies along with some people who were killed and injured during their attack. The Israeli naval force got two men injured during their attack.