Maurice Strong: Global Warming Scam

Maurice Strong is the resident of People’s Republic of China. He is the head of the Council of the United Nation’s University of Peace. This university comes under the domain of United Nations and no other university of the world enjoys that status of “masters and doctoral degree awarding UN University”.

Kofi Annan paid homage to his extraordinary services to humanity and was of the view that they both faced many trials and hardships but Maurice Strong’s vision helped him adopt a global vision.

Annan told that Maurice gave his precious advice on many critical issues other than Korean Peninsula and China’s varying role in the world. Annan paid tribute to his dedication to environmental issues, idea of bloodless resolutions of global conflicts and multilateralism.

Now a huge scandal is surfacing. Political experts are revealing that the issue of “Global warming” was actually a $10,000,000,000,000 (ten trillion dollars) scam.
This is a humble and careful estimation of the money which Barack Obama, Albert Gore, Maurice Strong and others make per year.

The allegation is very contentious and may lead to further controversies and conflict between the pro-environmentalists and who oppose the theory of global warming. The doubts were created when Chicago Climate Exchange was publicized. According to a blog, Obama is a vital character of the Global warming scam.

Maurice Strong is 81 years old, a Canadian businessman and an environmentalist. He is also a big supporter of United Nations and advocates its involvement in the international matters.
Maurice Strong: Global Warming Scam