Larry Platt Dead

Oh My God, another bad news another bad day, is Larry Platt dead. Yes, the one that we know up as the General Larry Platt who is mainly famous for his Pants on the Ground song, which is mostly itself famous for act while singing the song rather than the song itself.

Last night most of the sites but especially the ones that are quite low profile reported in on the news about Larry Platt dead and that he was found dead near to a superstore, where he was then on lifted up to the hospital but he was already dead when he reached the hospital site.

Just one or two websites reporting on the Larry Platt dead and there are currently no such confirming reports anywhere else regarding his very death. Larry Platt is not our regular run of a mill guy that if he becomes unwell or for that matter passes away, there is no news on him on the major TV channels and rather then that only small group of websites report such a big incident regarding the Larry Platt dead.

In our opinion the report regarding the Larry Platt dead is all fake and as there is no such concrete sort of an evidence regarding him passing away, we can assure you that till further notice you people can just relax as we know that there is no end to a certain thing until it has ended. We hope that all of it as said remains a rumor and nothing else too.