Al Jazeera

The Al Jazeera news reported about the Israeli attack on Gaza aid forces today. The Attacks has led to the death of around sixteen peoples and was said that many Israeli soldiers used air support along with bullets and gas to attack the fleet. The aid fleet was carrying supplies which included ten thousand tons of humanitarian supplies and Palestinian activists. The Al Jazeera reported that they took footage of armed men entered the ship through a helicopter. The Israeli army said that they are looking into the matter and will conclude the issue shortly. The death toll was reported to be ten which rose to sixteen. The Israeli forces made a act against he aid forces and was commanded by the Israeli army. The Israeli forces assaulted the ship at night which was almost seventy miles from the coast.

According to the official reports around thirty people were injured and were in bad condition. The news channels are reporting will a high death toll but until now the confirmed reports haven’t been issued to some national issues. The Al Jazeera also said that around then people have been missing after the attacks and they are trying locating them as soon as possible. These incidents will sure increase the conflicts and won’t be beneficial for both the sides. The foreign minister received a cal from the Israeli ambassador and updated him about the latest affairs. The Human rights will organize a protest against the Israeli for the attack they performed and was against the humanitarian restoration.