Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah weed is an American whiskey, primarily made from corn and then flavored with fruits, spices, herbs, nuts and cream. It has a distinct sweet taste because of the additional sugar added into it. It is manufactured in Kentucky and distributed all over United States of America.

With the arrival of NASCAR, sale of Jeremiah weed is increasing. It is basically used to give honorarium to the American fighter pilots. Since the annum ‘70, the drink has gained popularity among both male and female pilots.

Mr. Jeremiah has launched the weed brand which offers the sweetest vodka or tea of Southern style. There are various flavors of Jeremiah weed including fruits and cocktails. The drink can be made more delicious by following some recipes. For making Weed on the Rock, you need to mix one and a

half ounce of the sweet tea with ice and garnish with mint ; for Weed and Lemonade, mix the one ounce of weed with ready made lemonade and ice; drink Bourbon Country Peach Sweet Flavored Vodka by mixing the tea with ice and garnishing with a wheel of lemon; Weed and Water can be enjoyed by mixing the drink in half a glass of water and Lighting Weed can be prepared by pouring the whiskey cocktail over ice and then shaking it gently to blend the taste. These recipes are quite simple and a little more variations into them can enhance the flavor and make it more rich and strong to drink. You can enjoy Jeremiah Weed with friends at beach or night parties. There are clubs in various towns which offer this weed at an affordable price.