Barbara Hershey

Though in the western world, there is no such need for the people to get married, as they can be friends and do all the things, but at times it feels as if we cannot live without the other person and we want that person to be with us in front of our eyes forever and then with some mutual understanding, we marry. But it’s afterwards of the marriage that we realize that what sort of a mistake have we actually done either it would be the loss of freedom or whatever, but it happens to the most of us and then the divorce thing comes.

At the very least this is exactly what has happened to a twelve year in marriage pair of Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews. Both of them met in the year of

1996 on a movie set, fell in love, though Naveen was actually twelve years older than Barbara Hershey, but who cares for the age especially when you are in love, so they married. In the year of 2005, the pair separated for a brief bit of time but then again joined hands together as the things were finally sorted out between them, but as per the news and what has currently been reported regarding the marriage of Barbara Hershey as well as Naveen by their lawyer, both of them have already separated and that too pretty quietly around six or more months back and he is at presented reporting their divorce in the public.