Gaza Flotilla

In a sure fire sort of a massacre attempt last night the Israeli army attacked the ship carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Palestinians in which there are at least twenty as per to the reports have been feared dead and all the other passengers have been kept as hostage by the Israeli army.

The Gaza Flotilla, Flotilla is what the name of the ship is which was carrying the humanitarian aid, was attacked when the ship was still in the international seas but then who can stop Israel from doing what they think is the right thing under each and every circumstances. There are protests everywhere in the Muslim as well as the non-Muslim countries regarding the act of terrorism on the Gaza Flotilla ship by the Israeli army.

Prior to the attack on the Gaza Flotilla, the Israeli army jammed all the communication channels that led to no communication with the outside of the ship’s passengers. The passengers which as well included the journalists of some major countries are currently missing and there have been no reports on their whereabouts nor is there any sort of an information if they are still alive or not.

The attack on the Gaza Flotilla is a full onslaught by the Israeli army and this time round they have gone totally overboard, but there is one thing that must be realized by us all now, that Israel has remained like this forever but this is the time that we realize what they are up to and every country in the world should take some sort of an action against them like sanctions.