Israel News

The recently brought out Israel news has created hell lot of anger within each of the Islamic country of the world. Such an aggression against the Islam is not done by Israel the first time. Israel has always had an aggressive policy against the whole Islamic World and the Muslims of the World but this time it is nothing but an open annunciation of their hatred for the word Muslim as well as Islam. The Gaza bound Flotilla aid ship of almost ten tons of aid for the Palestinian victims from forty Muslim countries of the whole world which was approximately sixty five kilo meters far from the Gaza Strip during its aid giving tour had been attacked by the Israeli troops. So far, twenty people are dead and dozens are wounded as per the different reports on the recent Israel news.

A newsman on a boat from the six aid boats group named Flotilla stated that the Israeli troops had opened fire at the watercraft before they actually boarded it. The Israelis have said that they opened fired on being attacked by sticks, knives and even with guns.

According to the Officials, four of Israeli soldiers got injured due to the clash with the people on ships.

Tension within the Islamic countries rise as the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Danny Ayalon stated that they regret on the loss of live but the movements from the flotilla were an “outrageous provocation” as well as “premeditated”.

The Israel news has actually created a big issue within the whole world as their act was even against the humanity. The Muslim countries have made up mind to isolate the Israel and they all have annunciated to raise the voice against Israel on all International forums.