Freedom Flotilla

According to the Israeli news the Freedom flotilla fired back upon the Israeli army when they tried to stop them for inspection. The Israeli army attacked the freedom flotilla to dock in their harbor or else they would attack the vessel after this message the convoy started to fight back which resulted in the counter attack by the Israeli army. The story behind the attack has become quite complicated after the attack resulted on Sunday night. The death toll has been reported sixteen and in some places it’s reported to have been nineteen. The number of injured people also varied from thirty to fifty people which include ten missing persons. The convoy was carrying aid supplies and also included passengers.

The Palestinian people on the other side were waiting for the arrival of the freedom flotilla when they heard that the ship was attacked by the Israeli army. The Hamas government said that the attack was a brutal one and

wants the United Nations to act upon this attack. The Hamas government even said that the world should put an end to the Israeli pirates. The Israelis have imposed a strict security on the Gaza strip and only allows food and humanitarian aid through the passage. The Palestinian government said that it was a mass massacre which was against the Israeli protestors. The Israeli naval forces are held responsible for the attacks and will increase the disputes. In the attack only two Israeli soldiers were injured and seized the flotilla.