Daughtry: Sings On American Idol

Chris Daughtry was a fourth-place finalist on the fifth season of American idol in 2006. Chris Daughtry joined the show and rocked the stage again after four years. Four years ago, he was eliminated from the singing contest on May 10, 2006.

After his elimination on 10th May 2006, it was revealed to him that it was not the end of the word because RCA records offered him a contract.

The band was formed and the album which was released made a one-million copies business within five weeks of release. Daughtry was then nominated for Grammy Award in the Best Rock Song category for “It’s Not Over”.

There was another idol, Fantasia, present on the show who was the season 3 winner and sang “Bittersweet”. On the other hand, rock legend Bon Jovi also grabbed the attention of the audience with his song “Superman Tonight”.

Although the show was full of music legends, there were nail-biting moments when one singer had to be eliminated and the top three singers were to be announced.

The presence of Daughtry sent an implied but encouraging message to the contestants: “It is not over”. Daughtry‘s presence was a clear message to the contestants who had been eliminated or will be eliminated that this is not the end of the world.

And many losers may become real music idols even if they have been unfortunate in the stiff competition. Daughtry is a sincere, innovative, charming singer with an ultimate determination to sing with quality.
Daughtry: Sings On American Idol