Who Won America S Next Top Model Cycle 14

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Winner Announced

Beauty is what allures the hearts and souls of every human rather it spells magic with the one who bumps into it from tip to toe. Beauty is what helps the poet land into that mental situation where the creativity descends by making the words ooze out on the page in praise of the one, who is beautiful.

In a capsule, beauty is liked, loved, applauded and praised by all and sundry. The much popular American show, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 14 is going on these days and the finale occurred last night (Wednesday) announcing the result of the winner. Do you know who won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14? Well, we have the result. Check it out…!

The competition was tough and everyone was sitting on the edge of the seat when the final result was announced and Krista was declared the winner of the Season 14 by defeating Raina on the finale. Thus the 14th Season put a full stop of this show on May 12th by announcing Krista the proud winner of the competition.

Surely now a prosperous and big modeling career is waiting for the gorgeous model since she has now stepped into the entertainment abode. Krista, a true fit for the decision, aptly fills the bill and she knows the idiom says, ‘if the shoe fits, wear it’
so she wore it with gusto and now has pulled the socks up to head the modeling world.

From the previous experiences, it is clear that many of the winners of America’s Next Top Model show could not make a successful career in modeling. However this makes many be confused if Krista would be ending up doing nothing or taking this opportunity as a golden chance to utilize it to turn into success? Expectations are sky-high about her being much enthusiastic for making a mark in the swanky field.

Many modeling jobs have already been conferred to her with the title of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 such as opportunity to work with Wilhelmina Models and a Cover Girl Contract. Judges are of the view that Krista is potentially a superb model and has photogenic face required for the modeling jobs. If Krista avails this opportunity then she cannot imagine how far she might go ahead in the entertainment fraternity!
Who Won America S Next Top Model Cycle 14