Rene Angelil

Is Celine Dion Pregnant? Yes, the news Celine Dion Pregnant is yet confirmed by her own husband Rene Angelil .It is really pleasing news not only for their fans but as well for Celine Dion and Rene Angelil. When they got to know that Celine Dion Pregnant since 14 weeks they were unable to express their feelings and become speechless. As they both were trying for a long time for a baby.

Celine Dion is 42 yrs old lady. She is far-famed super star of the music industry. She has already a boy of about 9 yrs old. And now she is again pregnant not bearing only 1 baby but having twins. The gender of the twins is still not known. The far-famed singer and Rene Angelil, who is 68 yrs old, are browning their very success aft going through 6 in-vitro impregnation attempts. Additionly ex vivo treatments, Dion went through stylostixis to bolster up her chances of conceiving baby. According to a report, they will come to know about the gender of their babies in coming month. Celine’s doc told that there

are no complications in her case and she is expecting a healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery. In the beginning of this very month, Dion stated in the internet site that she wouldn’t declare that she was bearing a baby until some time has been passed. But their happiness wouldn’t allow her to do that and they declared the news in front of public.

Well, they both told that it were just tried this for the last time .But this last attempt was successful and we both are very happy.