American Idol Top 3

An Overview Of The American Idol Top 3

After last night’s elimination of Michael Lynche from the show, only three contestants (Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Lee DeWyze) are left behind. These top three would now be fighting it out to grab the title of American Idol 2010. A cursory look about these top three finalists is scribbled down as under:

Crystal Bowersox:

In her audition for the show happened in Chicago Illinois, Bowersox warbled the song ‘Piece of My Heart’. After listening the track, Shania Twain coined the term ‘raw natural talent’ whereas Simon Cowell started praising her voice in every episode. On March 2nd, she got hospitalized due to an unconfirmed disease.

The fellow men trilled the tracks sans women that day but the following day Crystal crooned the song in a way that simply impressed the whole lot of the judges sitting before her. The following week, her strapping singing prompted Simon Cowell to say, ‘Right now, you are the only one every contestant has to beat’.
This was the biggest compliment that boosted her energies more. In top 3, she is now the only female to compete for the title.

Casey James:

At the age of 21, Casey had a serious accident on motorcycle that led the doctors say that would not be able to play guitar. But this medical prediction appeared false when the music critic said that he is the best guitar player he has seen in his life. James tried for the selection for American Idol’s season 9 and got selected. Aged 27, James is the oldest contestant among the top 24.

Lee De Wyze:

Lee sang ‘Aint No Sunshine’ while auditioning for American Idol and got selected in Chicago. In the first week, he crooned the song ‘Chasing Cars’ and Simon Cowell hugely praised him. The following week, he sang ‘Lips of an Angel’ and fetched mammoth praising comments from the judges. He has been getting liking from the viewers and judges as well.

Let’s wait and see who among these three win the title.
American Idol Top 3