Chris Daughtry: Promotes His Album On American Idol 2010

Chris Daughtry came and impressed the contestants, judges and the audiences on the show of American Idol 2010. Chris’s new video of the song, ‘September’ was shown first on the show.

He appeared on Wednesday on the show and crooned his new single ‘September’, which was loved by the all present there. The video of the track was what looted everybody’s heart. He was like a show stealer, whose presence and singing was admired a lot.

‘September’ shows the soft side of the singer. The track inks about his childhood days and depicts simplicity due to which he is certain, it will glide with the listeners and stays for a long time. ‘September’ is the third single from his platinum-selling album ‘Leave This Town’.

It is said that the numbers of this musical album would coerce the listeners to hum it around. And it has also been reported that some of the songs of this soundtrack will inject saccharine pleasures in listeners’ hearts.
Chris Daughtry is quite confident and sure about the whopping success of the album.

Before leaving the podium, Chris gave a piece of advice to the contestants saying ‘refuse to comprise and always stick to what you think is true’.

Presently he is promoting his album on a promotional tour.

Born on December 26th 1979, Chris Daughtry is an American composer who also plays the guitar, pens songs and happens to be a singer of marvelous quality. He is the vocalist of the band called ‘Daughtry’. He was also one of the contestants of the season five of American Idol in 2006 and was the fourth place finalist.
Chris Daughtry: Promotes His Album On American Idol 2010