Vedam Movie Review

Vedam(telgu movie) is going to hit theatres today. Radhakrishna the critically acclaimed and award-wining director has produced the movie to show the struggles in the life of humans and the good and bad choices they across. The movie features five lead characters and their struggles.

Rahim is a muslim who wants to leave the country due to tense hindu-muslim clashes. The authorities suspect him to be a terrorist. Saroja wants to live a respectable life but is trapped in a brothel. Vivek is an aspiring rock star who has higher aims in his life. Ramulu is desperate to get rid of debts and raise some money to educate his grandson. Raju is working as a cable operator and wants to step up the ladder by trapping a rich girl.

Vedam movie review is positive. The characters meet obstacles during their struggles and destiny plays its role favoring some characters and denying the others as it happens in real life.

The actors have done justice to their roles. The final scenes are intense where some of the characters achieve their goals while others are forced to live against their will. Manoj Bajpai the seasoned Bollywood actor is on the cast. Anushka has her beautiful looks to attract the cine lovers to theatre. The music of the movie was released a month earlier and is already popular. According to Vedam movie review it has all the necessary ingredients that guarantee success on box office. The attractive cast is sure to attract audiences.