Pulse TV Show

“Pulse TV Show”, a well-known show to the fans of games, was cancelled back in the month of November 2004 but still becoming the hot searching term over internet. I could not understand the reason, why? Well talking about the show, it ran on the channel G4 of the cable TV which was mainly focusing on the world of games as it showed reviews on several games.

“Pulse TV Show” was started with the hosting crew of Jim Downs and Ronilyn Reilly but later on Patrick Clark joined the show being a co-host. After some time, Reilly decided to leave the show and then Kevin Pereira was appointed in his replacement. But he also could not manage to go long with the show and left. It was Amanda MacKay who replaced him in this show.

Several other programs of G4tech TV were cancelled in the year 2004 along with the “Pulse TV Show”. Original started anchors of the show were included Ronilyn Reilly and Patrick Clark and it was Patrick Clark who remained with the show until it came to an end. It was no doubt one of the popular shows among the game lovers as they were provided good details about the games on their television sets.

Ronilyn Reilly decided to leave the show in the start of year 2004 with an aim to focus on some other projects. When Reilly left the show, it was Kevin Pereira who was appointed as co-host in replacement of her. She was hired in spring season being a permanent co-host of the show.