Uncle Phil Died

Uncle Phil, the world famous character of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was rumored yesterday to have died. The rumor originated from Twitter and became the cause of grief for many people around the world. The character Uncle Phil was performed by James Avery and he had millions of fans. He would always be remembered by his strict uptight attitude in the Fresh Prince. The way he communicated with Will Smith in the show and their overall chemistry really made the whole world a faithful audience of the show. Apart from Fresh Prince, Avery has appeared in many other features as well like “That’s so Raven”, character voice in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and guest appearances on “That 70s Show” and CSI. He has always been loved in all features and guest appearances, mainly because of his role as Uncle Phil.

Well before you get all emo on me, the news has been confirmed as a false rumor and Avery is alive and well. The news was apparently only a rumor that was started by some a**hole on Twitter who didn’t have anything better to do than play with people’s emotions. Even if the loser is allowed to hurt Avery’s fans, he had no right to spread this news and make his friends and relatives worry. There might have been relatives who live far away from Avery who could’ve gotten extremely worried when they would’ve read the news on twitter. This kind of prank could cause a heart attack. Things like these should be controlled by social networking websites.