Spirit Airlines Strike 2010

The Spirit airlines is a US airline company, it provides low cost traveling to its customers throughout America. The company was launched in nineteen eighty. The airline headquarters are in Florida. More than half of the company’s flights are designated for Caribbean, Bahamas and the Latin America.

Recently the pilots of the company went on a strike; they demanded that their pays should be increased as per the economic conditions and inflation; they wanted their salaries to be competitive with the pilots of other airlines. The Spirit airlines strike 2010 has caused a great headache for its customers as the pilots are still on strike. The airline management offered to increase its pilots pays up to thirty percent and a signing amount of three thousand US dollars to each pilot. The pilot union rejected this proposal and remained on strike. The company is struggling to get its flight

schedules back to normal; the people which were going to travel through this airline are in a bad mood and are protesting against the company’s service. Some people said that this was the worst airline company they had ever dealt with. The airlines management is continuously trying to make a fair deal with the pilot union, until now no confirm reports have come to sight declaring an end to the Spirit airlines strike 2010. Many flights have been cancelled by now. The airlines on its official website have apologized to its customers for any inconvenience they might face due to the Spirit airlines strike 2010.