Did Justin Bieber Died?

Justin Bieber is a sixteen year old young pop singer. He was born in Canada in March, nineteen ninety four. He was discovered on Youtube by Scooter Braun and then later on this man brought Justin in front of the world and did a very good addition to the music world. Scooter Braun became Justin’s manager and supported him.

Now a day a number of celebrities have been reported dead and all of them appear to be fake news. Justin Bieber has been made the target of this internet death hoax the second time this week. The sixteen year old kid’s death rumors were also out in the year 2009. Stories were on the web that Justin Bieber has committed suicide on the thirty first of July two thousand and nine. So the question of the day is that did Justin Bieber died, than a simple and straight answer to this question is that Justin is not dead. A fake Fox news website

made by an unknown person stated that Justin Bieber is dead, now the account has been blocked by the managing company. The teenager talented kid has already confirmed that he is not dead and is perfectly fine and healthy. We don’t know who is spreading these rumors on the web. But still after the confirmation from Justin in his twitter account, did Justin Bieber died is a hot search topic on the famous search engines. May be it is because Justin’s fans are very worried that did Justin Bieber died in reality.