Falcon 9

The first attempt to launch the rocket, Falcon 9, by Space X did not work as planned. The launch was scheduled to take place at the US Air base in Florida. The launch was interrupted at the last moment. However Space X announced on the company’s official web site that another attempt to launch the rocket was on its way. Therefore a few moments later another attempt was made to launch the rocket. The second attempt proved fruitful for the company.

During the first launch try, the countdown began but at the end of the countdown the rocket did not fly. The official statement of the company that was displayed on Space X web site reported the cause of the failure of the first attempt. As per the company’s announcement, the rocket did not propel after the ignition. Falcon 9 experienced some mechanical issues and the rocket was shifted to safe mode. A lot of rocket launches end up in intense explosions due to the highly flammable rocket fuel. That is why modern rockets host safe modes to prevent catastrophic bangs.

In such cases the space craft places itself in ’safe mode’, said the spokesperson of the company.

The launch of the rocket by Space X from the Air Force base of Cape Canaveral, Florida was the first test flight of the craft, Falcon 9. The launch was a success and it would open new doors for the company in commercial space travelling. This was the main test that was intended for the development of commercial launch vehicles capable of providing space transport services to the people.