Cadmium Poisoning

Cadmium poisoning could range from very slight to extremely dangerous symptoms. Cadmium is an element that is basically a heavy metal. It could be slightly effective in small quantities and fatal in large quantities.

Breathing of Cadmium in very low quantity could cause flu-like symptoms like throat problems, chest pain, headache, dizziness and fever. If Cadmium is taken through the respiratory tract in large amounts it could prove fatal starting with kidney and respiratory tract problems. If this heavy metal is ingested in large amounts it could cause liver and kidney damage.

The severe effects of Cadmium include loss of density of bone mineral that causes the bones to become weak. It could also cause softening of bones. Weakening of bones causes pains in the back and joints. An extreme effect of Cadmium could cause fracture of bones by mere body weight.

The reason for the sudden interest in Cadmium poisoning is the recall that McDonalds made regarding their glasses that they gave with Happy Meals. The glasses were themed on the latest Shrek movie “Shrek Forever After”. According to the company itself, the drawings of the animated characters on the glasses contained Cadmium. The Quality Department passed the glasses at first, but after some time they found out through testing that the amount of Cadmium in the drawings could cause a harmful effect to children. It is for this reason that the company recalled the glasses. However, there is no news yet about what the procedure would be to return the glasses. There is also no information about the compensation terms. McDonalds has announced that the recall info would be released by the official McDonalds’ recall website.