Debralee Lorenzana Pics

Debra lee Lorenzana or Deborah Lee Lorenzana is one of the hottest topics on the net at the moment. This is the woman who was fired from her job in Citibank because she was apparently too hot for the organization and caused the male colleagues to lose focus during work due to her tight dresses.

Because she has suddenly become so famous, people all around the world are searching for her pictures on the net. Till yesterday there was only one picture of Lorenzana on the net that showed her in a stylish pose in a tight grey-silver dress that outlined her curves pretty well. I’m not sure where that picture came from, but it seemed to have been taken from Lorenzana’s Facebook account. In any case that was the only picture of her yesterday, but because of extreme sudden popularity there are many pictures of her on the net now, some of which seem to be taken by an office colleague, because they show her standing in a black dress reading some files.

The articles that were posted about Lorenzana yesterday said that she wore dresses that showed a lot of skin and curves. To be honest after seeing the pictures in the black office dress, she doesn’t seem very distracting, although the dress was quite tight. Still she wasn’t looking like something that was out of ordinary. One in about ten women look the exact same way in offices like Lorenzana did. The men who were getting distracted by watching her may need to think about laying off the porn for a while.