Bud Selig

Bud Selig will not correct the error that deprived a perfect game of Galarraga. Bud Selig will not void the decision made by the Jim Joyce, the referee as he admitted that he made a wrong decision costing a perfect match to Armando Galarraga, the pitcher of the Detroit Tigers.

Jim Joyce quickly made an apology after the game. Selig’s decision was challenged by many, including the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Tony LaRussa, who demanded that the decision should be reversed, enabling it to approve the perfect game of Galarraga.

The commissioner of Major League Baseball will investigate the issue with the use of video replays. The video recordings will work as an aid to arbitration, but he will not raise the question regarding the wrong decision that took place on Wednesday evening.

The referee Jim Joyce stated that he had made a mistake in the game that would have been the final out for the Detroit Tigers where the Tigers thrashed the Cleveland Indians with 3-0. Joyce himself has apologized to Galarraga.

Bud Selig stated that the vital constituent of the game of baseball is human force. Unfortunately no man is born perfect and error free that is why mistakes are inevitable. Furthermore he added that Jim Joyce had a good angle for the action but he made the wrong decision.

ESPN consulted the managers of the baseball commissioner Bud Selig to inspect the incident. According to ESPN Bud Selig has finally decided that he would not overturn the executive decision of the Jim Joyce, who has admitted his mistake that cost a perfect game to the pitcher, Armando Galarraga.