Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s web is a great novel for the children. It has great attractions for the children; the children have a great time reading it. The novel was written way back in nineteen hundred and fifty two. The author of the novel is E.B White. The basic story of the novel is that a pig wants to run away from a farm so that he may be saved from being eaten up by the humans. He was helped in saving his life by a spider.

The novel received an award in the next year from its release. Charlotte’s web inspired the Hanna Barbara production company and they made a cartoon movie on it. The movie received good response from everywhere and the small children who could not read and required the help of their mother or their grandma in listening to the story could now watch it all by themselves. The children who already read the novel were also keen to see the animated movie so that they can experience the exact

feeling of the movie. Later on just seven years back from now a sequel of the movie was released by Paramount pictures. After so much success of Charlotte’s web a game was also launched four years back. The author of the novel Charlotte’s web is also the author of the famous novel Stuart Little the movie having the same title is also based on the story of this novel. E.B White is still in the hearts of people due to his magnificent classic novels.