Balatarin has organized a rally in Los Angeles city, the rally has been conducted to tell the reality of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the world. The Balatarin website owners want to tell the people of the world as to what is happening in Iran. There is a lot of violence taking place in Iran. The organizers also state that the basic human rights are also being abused in Iran. The demands of the rally include the release of restrictions made by Iran on the viewing of certain websites. The Iran government has banned these websites so that people may not get to know about the things which the government wants them to be unaware of. The websites on which people upload their experience and visuals of violent acts in Iran are also banned as soon as they come in the eyes of the officials. The rally is taking place on the end of the first year of the recent government. The President of Iran banned the websites and other media by which the cheating in the elections could be seen by the public.

Balatarin is a website basically for the people of Iran. The website has been in many controversies, it was banned in Iran just six month after it was started. The website has been a good source for the people of Iran to share their views by posting links to different websites. It is voted as the second most famous Persian website by a survey. Balatarin promises to keep on giving the real picture to the world.