Carl Dean

Widely recognized for her contributions to the genre of American country melody, the sixty four year old Dolly Rebecca Parton – more commonly and popularly referred to as only Dolly Parton – has been associated with Carl Dean as his spouse for more than four decades now; forty four annum to be precise.

Referring to her as “little lady” (something that the voluptuous & booty carrying Dolly Parton surely does not qualify to be), the 1st conversation that Carl Dean ever had with his future wife was to let her know that she would be getting a bad sun tan while living in Nashville. The full name given to Carl Dean at the time of his delivery by his parents is Carl Thomas Dean and he wed his love, Dolly Parton, in the locale of Ringgold in the state of Georgia and though many people are led to believe that him and his wife do not get along smoothly just because he is not spotted during her gigs & acts; all those are serious misconceptions.

It is due to his commerce engagements (road facade paves with asphalt) which keep him occupied more than the normal job would and his rather reserved personality traits that Carl Dean does not support the notion of people’s personal matters being probed in to; something he has had to deal with lots on a frequent basis – compliments of his wife’s celeb status and occupational preferences. He happens to be the sort of person who likes to help others without being identified.