Big Fat Liar

Are you really looking for enjoyment and finding a film grounded on reality and have some comedy in it? Then your searched is finished here. The very movie name is Big Fat Liar.

The flick, Big Fat Liar which was brought out in the yr 2002 and believed being among the best teen comedy flicks of that yr. The flick Big Fat Liar was made and organized by D. Schneider & B.Robbins and the managing director of the very flick was S. Levy. The music of this very flick is given by C. Beck and D. Romayne. The flick was brought out on 8 Feb 2002 in U.S.A. The flick has duration of only 88 mins but in all 88 mins, the flick was enormously did its job and gave outstanding performance by every actor in the flick. The leading actors of the flick include Frankie Muniz, Amanda Bynes and Paul Giamatti. All the same, the Big Fat Liar wasn’t got 100 pct opening and response as it was anticipated but the total advancement of the flick was really good and a few critics appraised the flick as being humorous and lively.

Frankie Muniz, who acted as a 14 yrs old school student in the Big Fat Liar. He was called a liar as every time and in every thing he tells lie just to have fun in life. He wasn’t serious about his school studies because he didn’t pay concentration in his class. He finds entertained and funny in stating lie. Well, the whole movie was very good. If you didn’t saw yet just watch it out and you will defiantly enjoy a lot.