Arne Backstrom

Arne Backstrom, the star freeskier died yesterday in an accident that took place during a mountaineering trip that he was on with Sweetgrass productions. Arne was just 29.

Arne was fast becoming famous because of his many great performances and victories in skiing and ski mountaineering. All these attention-attracting performances were pulled by him in the last season.

According to details from Arne’s family, during a trip to Peru he was actually preparing with his fellow skiers for a huge decent that could have proven to be one of the greatest freeskiing stunts ever recorded. But he wasn’t fortunate enough to make it to that decent because his death met him in a preliminary decent that the crew was making as a sort of a warm up before the big recording event. The accident was truly tragic because Arne was only 29 and he was doing so well in his skiing career that a lot of great opportunities were opening up for him.

Arne grew up skiing for an alpine club that produced many top skiers. Since his childhood he had a great talent for skiing that experts said, couldn’t be taught, you have to be born with it.

Arne went to Whitman College situated in Walla Walla. He took Chemistry as his major and showed extreme skill in the ski team. He eventually went to Squaw Valley in 2006 where he joined his younger brother and sister. His brother Ralph is a professional snowboarder.

According to Arne’s friends and associates, he was a very humble and soft spoken man. He was mostly quiet and his persona reflected absolute purity.