Amy Bishop

Investigation has been finalized by the judge of Massachusetts against a murder case of Amy Bishop’s brother. Amy is a former professor of the Alabama University. The professor has been charged of killing three of her colleagues and currently facing a trial in the court. Previously it was said by the authorities of Braintree that the shooting death of her brother was only an accident and this conclusion was made by the authorities after interviewing the older sister and parents of Amy Bishop.

Amy Bishop was 20 at the time of that accident which was actually happened in 1986. The investigators were told by her at that time that her brother was actually trying to teach her how to control a gun while loading or unloading bullets and then suddenly shotgun discharged that resulted in the death of her brother who got shot in his chest.

This accident was happened in the kitchen of their parent’s home. Though the case was considered as resolved around 24 years back but was taken into consideration again in the month of February when Amy Bishop was found involved in shooting three of her colleagues during University of Alabama’s faculty meeting of biology department. The hearing of the case was called by the William Keating, Attorney of Norfolk District as a closed door hearing.

It is the matter of around 24 years back that the brother of Amy Bishop was shot to death by her but the case was being declared as an accident at that time. Currently an investigation which was in process has almost come to an end in which grand jury will be presented some evidences by the prosecutors for further decision, according to the latest updates.