Who Got Kicked Off American Idol May 12

American Idol 2010: Who got kicked off from the show?

Last four contestants were battling it out for the title of American Idol 2010 till the Wednesday night. It was the night that was to save the fate of the three contestants to go in the next episodes of the show. But this night had to send one of the contestants back home.

So the night did its duty with aplomb cheering up the three and spreading smiles on their face but leaving one with non-stop tears in eyes, which had dreamt of being the sensation of the singing world.

The results were shown on the show and guess, who got kicked off from American Idol on May 12th episode? Well, it was Michael ‘Big Mike’ Lynche on whom the fate did not shower its blessings. He was voted out of American Idol 2010.

Michael had been saved earlier on the show by the four judges’ panel during the top nine stage, but finally he had to make his way back home. His unimposing trilling of the song ‘Will You Be There’ from the movie ‘Free Willy’ on movie songs’ week dropped his worth down. Considered to be arrogant by some of the viewers, Lynche constructed his fan following nonetheless by singing some of R&B ballads.

Now three contestants are left in the competition – Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James. Footage about these three contestants has been shot and it will go on air next week to entice the viewers.

Fantasia Daughtry and Bon Jovi performed on the show and everyone out there enjoyed the singing a lot.

It has been reported that Simon Cowell will no longer be the judge from next year’s show, as he launches another show called ‘X Factor’. It is being talked in every corner, place and on the tables of coffee shops that ‘X Factor’ will outdo American Idol’s popularity among the viewers.

Who Got Kicked Off American Idol May 12