Matt Lauer Cheating: On His Wife

There are rumors floating on the web as well as on other media that news anchor Matt Lauer is having an affair with another lady and he is cheating on his wife, Annette Roque. Matt Lauer’s affair has made headlines. There have been other rumors regarding Lauer’s affair with some other women as well.

Quite recently, he was alleged to have an extra marital relationship with Today Show host Meredith Vieira. According to National Enquirer, Matt Lauer was caught cheating his wife and the couple was separated. The “most recent” woman in his life is a 26 years old and “married”. His colleagues had already smelled that something wrong was being done by Lauer when he stopped to bring his life partner to company parties.

NBC has given the details of the affair on its show “The Today Show”. The marriage of the couple has been a fragile bond which experienced many ups and downs and the rumors of his affairs have always been benefitted tabloids.

The marriage of Matt Lauer and Annette survived for 12 years and they are parents of three daughters. The couple had separation in 2006 when Annette was expecting the third baby. They applied for divorce but they reconciled again. Now the Lauer and his new girl friend have not given any comments on the rumors which are on the web and tabloids.

People are anxious about the affair and want a statement from them so that the mystery should be resolved. If they think that the rumors are nothing but rumors, they should publically deny the allegations what they have not as yet.
Matt Lauer Cheating: On His Wife