Race for the cure Columbus 2010 awareness booster

The Race for the Cure Columbus is the biggest race event of 5k walk/race in the world. The purpose of the race is to raise funds as well as awareness about breast cancer. It also rejoices the success stories of patients who once had breast cancer and also pays homage to those who lost their fight against this lethal disease.

The Susan G.Komen Race for the Cure took birth in 1983 and with the passage of time has grown from few hundred participants to one million participants in 2009. The race has assumed the form of a series of races with 120 races world wide. The idea of race is significantly great to enhance awareness among the people who do not know about breast cancer. The event becomes a headline world wide which lets people know not only the ordeals of breast cancer but also sensitizes them to take timely effective measure
to prevent the menace. It motivates people to donate for those who are impoverished and can not afford the costly treatment of breast cancer.

The race is a means to spread awareness of the fact that the disease is not that much dangerous if it is detected at early stages. If Mammography and breast self-exam becomes a routine, the disease can be curbed in the initials stages.

The race becomes an emotionally triggered event and more and more people participate including first-timers as well as other amateurs. This is a big event which provides a big opportunity to convey the message.
Race for the cure Columbus 2010 awareness booster