Preakness stakes, odds, picks and Boozefests

Preakness stakes, odds, picks and Boozefests, the fiesta is going to be held at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore on Saturday. The venue will ooze with thoroughbred history as horses will show up surrounded in colorful procession to take them to the gate.

While Jockey Club which organizes the Preakness has promised an all-day al fresco for the crowd that would be in tens of thousands after media persuasion, thanks to Facebook and other networking sites, many will find their place to booze out a day at Pimlico, where weather would be not so friendly according to weathermen as mercury was touching 70 at about nine in the morning and prediction is for 76.

Few will be able to admire the grandeur that Jockey Calvin Borel
brought to Super Saver (or vise versa), as organizers have promised an all day 16 ounce endless refills of suds in the souvenir mug (mug will cost you $20, and if you don’t opt for buying the mug, then you would have the option for $1 beers all along the day from 8:30 am to 6:18, the post time. In other words you can have a day long boozing for just $ 60 ($40 for admission and $20 for the souvenir mug).

Not only beer but Jockey Club has arranged live music, volleyball tournament gratis, and of course a bikini contest (many will wait for the time of the contest and many would prefer it starting at around 9 am and ending at around 6 pm so that they can have their PICKs & ODDs)

Jockey Club turned the event into a fraternity basement on a grand scale for the fear that horse racing was loosing its popularity with the masses. The banning of beer coolers at the site also axed the number of spectators who seldom care which horse is going to win the crown but how many beers they could have all along the day.

It is just hoped that Jockey Club and Budweiser Select would be able to manage thousands of revelers stupefied with drinks. Let us wait for some big news from Baltimore (I haven’t hinted about bikini show if you have taken it as a BIG news, responsibility is all yours)
Preakness stakes, odds, picks and Boozefests