Indy 500

In the beginning of the Indy 500 it seemed that the prize could be anybodies if they managed to remain clear of crashes and burst tires but it was in the last few laps that we found out that a wild card had been added to the whole Indy 500. With just a little over a gallon in the car Dario Franchitti managed to pull off a miraculous win which many thought would be impossible considering that there were still thirty-seven laps to go when the driver got the car fueled. Then it was bad news for Castroneves who was finding a lot to complain about but then when talked to at the end of the event it was his view that silly mistakes are something that should be avoided as they always managed to put their team at the back.

Still it is not such a depressing loss as he came in ninth in the end, surely something he or his team was not aiming for but something that he will have to learn to live with – and what better way could there be to learn from experiences than to finish in ninth place.

The interesting story in the Indy 500 was the woman driver Danica Patrick who qualified for the event in twenty-third position putting much of the blame on her bulky and somewhat sluggish car but still she managed to finish in sixth with an almost flawless run, overtaking her opponents at any given chance and keeping her car out of contact with the others. Her story is one of true victory as she gained seventeen positions in the course of the Indy 500 event.