Indy 500 Results

The event has ended and more people have been surprised than reassured with their predictions because the Indy 500 results show that one of the favorites, Castroneves, finished in a position that was more of a humiliation than a top ten finish. The main Indy 500 results hold Dario Franchitti as the winner and then Dan Wheldon in second after a miraculous run by Dario which secured him the winning position after he made a little less than two gallons last him not just the last few laps but enough to drive into the pits after winning at which he commented ’still running’ over the radio to his eagerly waiting team.

This win has given Dario and his team the privileged title of being the sole winner of both the major events this year of the Indy 500 and the Daytona. Definitely something to put on the collectors items list for all the teams that were competing this year. More

from the Indy 500 results put Danica Patrick in sixth position after maneuvering around much of the playing field to overtake seventeen positions! This is something that will definitely save her face as she was booed after qualifying in the twenty-third position which she says was mostly because of her bulky car. This miraculous feat by Danica has given her another title and that is being one to finish in the top ten for the last five years in a row.

Bad news for some and good news for others all in all the Indy 500 results were something unpredictable to say the least.