Indy 500 Live Stream

Following the conclusion of the Indy 500 there are those who did not really get their chance to see the event live and so they were looking for the Indy 500 live stream though by the word ‘live’ it is implied that they were looking to see the whole event online through a stream, but the event is over and the winners have been declared so there remains no point to searching for the Indy 500 live stream. There are some interesting stories of the event and then some unfortunate turn of events as we saw some make the perfect run while others made ’silly mistakes.’

On the whole the Indy 500 live stream will only show you something that has already occurred so for the word ‘live’ to be in there is very misleading. The winner of it all after a very stunning run was Dario Franchitti who could have, if he did not play it safe, ended up in the pits in the last few laps thereby losing his entire lead and position to Wheldon, the man who won the Indy 500 in 2005 for England.

Dario was left with a little over a gallon and a half in the last few laps and then a crash happened which would be seen as his opportunity to secure the win.

Castroneves who finish in ninth was not at all happy with the ’silly mistakes’ that led him to finish in ninth after all the hopes that the team had of at least finishing in top five. The true success story of the Indy 500 was when Danica Patrick stormed her opponents gaining seventeen positions from her starting position at 23.