Brandy Norwood Car Accident

Nowadays a lot of internet users are searching for the details of Brandy Norwood Car Accident. In this respect there are many photos of Brandy Norwood Car Accident were circulating on the net but still users want to know more and more about it as it is a human nature. Brandy Norwood Car Accident took place on Dec 30, 2006. In this accident she shot down Awatef Aboudihaj, who was currently living with her 2 kids. Well, Brandy patched up a suit with Aboudihaj’s 2 kids, with $300,000 to each. Aboudihaj as well left alone her hubby, Marouane Hdidou, who turned down Brandy’s proposal of about $1.2 million, in Feb 2009.

Brandy Norwood Car Accident made her depressed. A male person driving a car behind her car told that Brandy continuously blaming herself for this very accident. And furthermore that man as well told that Brandy repeatedly blaming herself on hitting the Aboudihaj. Brandy wanted to show her commiserations in front of public and her family, who have passed away in this pitiful incident. The very accident laid claims the life of that poor lady Awatef Aboudihaj. Who was 38 yr old, driving the Toyota car that was collided with the Brandy’s car.

Well, according to 1 report the conditions of the money settlement were not to be disclosed. As it is a secret. In that respect, there are multiple suits registered against Brandy. The family members of Aboudihaj charged about $50 million unlawful death suit. Still a lot of people are looking for the details and pics of this sorryful accident.