Undertaker Died

There are rumors circulating around the web world about the death of one of most famous wrestlers in the world of wrestling. The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, is being rumored as dead but there are no confirmations of these reports so we cannot say these reports are true. Many media sources are still posting news of the death of undertaker but they don’t have confirmations. Neither the spokesman nor the police officials confirmed his death. Moreover, there are no confirmations from the WWE management as well.

What are the fans thinking about this rumor? Are they believing on this or they are confused? They are still confuse and trying to confirm the news but we tell them that their favorite wrestler is very much alive. Yeah, we have one confirmed report about him i.e. he is injured and trying to recover. He was injured during his wrestling match with CM Punk, Swagger, and Big Show. The rumors of his death started swirling around after General Manager Theodore Long announced live that they had found Undertaker in a “vegetative state”. His brother, Kane, also announced that he had found his brother in dead brain state and he was not going to spare the person who was responsible for that.

Why these websites publish these rumors without confirmation? The reason is simple i.e. for gaining the attention of people and for increasing their ratings. They know people tend to believe any news posted on the web world. However, media sources should not react like that they respect the sentiments of fans.