The Undertaker Dead

“Is The Undertake dead”, “The Undertaker dead”, “Did The Undertaker die” or “The Undertaker died” are the terms that are smashing the internet and becoming top searching terms on almost all the major search engines today. Every fan of this wrestling legend is curious to find the latest update and authenticated news behind this news.

For all those who are still struggling to get the exact information about this news, it is confirmed that there is nothing like that and it is only a rumor that is hitting the internet. The Undertaker is absolutely fine but he is suffering from some injuries that he had during his last fight on Smack Down. His death news has become the big question of the day and everyone sitting in front of the pc is trying to discover the answer to this meaningless question.
Most of the fans still understand that it could be the part of a WWE script but their thinking shattered with an explanation which was given by the Kane when he spoke to his fans while coming to the ring of Smack Down. He said that his brother The Undertaken was seen by him in “vegetative state” during the weekend of Memorial Day and he also confirmed that he is no more. He was seen full of emotions while making this announcement.

The believe of the fans of The Undertaker went to its peak when the Manager of WWE Teddy Long added his comment to this news and said that it is to confirm that The Undertaker is no more. But still the news can not be said as the confirm news because it could not be confirmed by any big source of media industry. Therefore the confusion will remain until The Undertaker is off the scene.