Tia Mowry

The Monique show has great popularity among the people. The show features famous celebrities. It focuses on an up close and personal view of the stars.

The show was dazzled last night when the T.V star Tia Mowry appeared on the show. She was warmly welcomed by the host. She came along her mate Pooch Hall. The couple has been eye candy for the people since they appeared together on the T.V show the game. The show started off four years ago. The show gained immense popularity among the people and was highly rated by the critics. Tia Mowry was very popular among the teenagers. She also got an award voted by the teenagers, although not being a teenager herself.

The celebrities discussed about the upcoming season of their show. The show will be aired in the end of the year. The stars promised that it would surely be more entertaining, energetic, electrifying and hilarious than the previous seasons. The show received high viewing last night and people have also been searching on the internet for these famous stars.

Tia Mowry is also a good singer and she has been singing in a music group at the start of the nineties. She started her career along her sister way back in the nineties in California. Apart from her professional showbiz career she has been continuing her studies and even went abroad to study. She has fought with all the hurdles coming in her life very bravely. Her huge success is a proof of that. She has also been teaching basketball to other celebrities.