They (2002) Movie Review

“They” is a 2002 horror movie that was directed by Robert Harmon. Unlike many other horror movies this film keeps the audience confused between reality and the dream world because the creatures that are supposed to be the horrific evil villains are not clearly defined as real or figments of imagination. This particular trait of the story succeeds in scaring the audience even more than horror movies in which the origin of horror is visible.

In the story of “They” Julia Lund (played by Laura Regan) is a master’s student of psychology. One day she is contacted by a childhood friend who seems very disturbed. She tries to comfort him and asks the reason, to which he answers that the nightmare creatures that haunted him and Julia in childhood have come back and are haunting him again. He says that they are demons who chase him in the dark. Julia tries to calm him down but he commits suicide in front of her. At his funeral Julia meets two of his friends. They tell Julia that in childhood they both also had the same nightmares that Julia and her friend had. This really shakes Julia because she has already been under stress due to her thesis and on top of that she as to deal with demons of darkness.

The whole time in the movie, the viewers won’t be able to guess whether the creatures are real or just a psychological disturbance in the mind of a psychology student who is under a lot of stress.