Stromuhr was the word which brought Anamika Veeramani to the victory stand. 14-year-old Veeramani was asked to spell the word ‘Stromuhr’ in the final of 2010 Spelling Bee contest and amazingly this girl spelled the word without any mistake that is spoke by just 1% of the total population of the world. So what is the meaning of this word and what is the origin of this word. Reportedly, this word is used in medical as it is a medical term and it is an instrument that is used for the measurement of viscous substances’ flow. The origin of the word is German language.

Veeramani is the third Indian-American who wins the contest and she is proud on it. Talking on her victory, she said that it was the greatest moment of her life and she was very, very happy at the moment. She also mentioned that she looked like a poker so it was even better for her that she won the contest. She wants to become a cardiovascular surgeon from Harvard.

The contest was broadcasted live on ABC network while it occurred at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington D.C. The contest started Wednesday and continued for next two days. There were a total of 274 contestants onboard with her and wining a title after fighting with those contestants is indeed a great victory for her. The host for the contest was Chris Harris of “The Bachelorette” and reportedly it was the 83rd Spelling Bee contest. Congratulations Veeramani.