Stick It

It seems today a lot of people want to know about movies that released in 2006. A while ago Nacho Libre was in the top searches and now it’s “Stick It”. Well the movie is an absolute delight for people who are associated with athletics or sports of any sort, because this movie is about gymnastics. The story is about a young woman who returns to the world of gymnastics to redeem herself and in the process, attempts to change the very core of its judging system.

The main character of the movie is Haley Graham who is a former gymnast who turned into a rebel and joined her friends of BMX riders who do what they want wherever they want. In her many adventures as a street BMX “stunt-woman”, she breaks many laws for which she is apprehended many times by the police. She is eventually sent back to a gymnastics academy to turn her negative energies into something constructive.

She reluctantly joins the academy and finds it hard to be accepted. Being the rebel that she is, she also gives everyone a lot of trouble. The coach of the academy trains her very harshly and tries his best to make her a good gymnast. She must now redeem herself as a gymnast and gain her lost respect and in the process she must use her rebellious attitude to change the inhumanly hard grading and judging system of women gymnastics that is destroying the spirits of many good athletes.