Stacy Peterson

It is reported that the process for digging the remains of the woman Stacy Peterson who is still missing has been started in rural Illinois by the authorities and this report has also been confirmed by a famous new agency. Police has said that new lead in the case of Stacy Peterson is being followed by them. Her husband Drew Peterson is present in the jail as he is waiting for the trail for the death of his 3rd wife in 2004. They are searching for the remains of the lady in an area east of Peoria, Ill. Police and investigators are conduct their research at the place with the help of dogs.

The trail of a Chicago police officer who is thought to be involved in the murder of his 3rd wife has been delayed by a judge. He was found not guilty to the charges on him for the murder of his wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. it has been said on Wednesday by the Circuit Judge Stephen White that they will begin his trail on June 14 and jury will be selected on July 8. According to Defense attorney Joel Brodsky, he wanted the trial to be delayed till Aug 23 because he along with his team requires more time for the analysis of case. In 2007 his 4th wife Stacy Peterson was disappeared and he is also suspected in her disappearance bus he is not charged for that. He argued that he was not involved in her disappearance.